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UPDATE : Absolutely like how quick they were to respond to my issue….turns out it wasn’t an issue at all ! Thank you James for taking the time to explain my concern….TOP rated customer care ! Fyde team #1 in my book !!! Have tried several different VPN services. All have slowed down/halted connecting with the common sites I try to access. This app has not had that effect. I have installed it on all of the iPhones users phones for which I provide assistance and none have noticed any problem with the app. I use the exceptions tab to block an occasional intruder and have not had a negative impact in my phone/internet usage play store buy ratings. Great app.

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I have been in misery for a month because my exboyfriend has been hacking into all my online accounts. I stupidly gave him a couple of my passwords before we broke up be he was “trying to help me find this mysterious hacker”. It wasn’t until we broke up he admitted it was him the whole time and threatened to shutdown my whole phone. Which he did. I bought a new one, called Apple support, took my phone to a device store, installed 3 different mobile security devices and nothing could stop him. I even went to my mobile carrier AT&T yesterday and they

refused to help me in any way. Then I ran across Fyde last night and decided to try it. It’s been around 6 or 7 hrs and they already have over 80 hacking sites blocked! All the other mobile security apps just keep saying everything is fine. I finally found Someone who knows what to look for and how to stop it. Plus, they have been texting me all morning checking on my phone and answering all my questions! Thank you Fyde!! Y’all were there when i had no one else to lean on. Keep up the good work!!#confideinfyde buy app installs

This is a great app and I’ve downloaded plenty from the App Store but this app here is by far the best one I’ve downloaded. Easy to use and it does exactly what it says it does and it’s totally free with no adds. I just recently got this app and I’m amazed at how it’s been working and preventing unwanted sites, adds and other fraudulent activity from accessing my device and information. This app is so amazing, if your needing a app to protect your iPhone, iPad or other devices make sure you download this app you want be disappointed.

I opened it to run and it would not work and it would not let me get off of it because i would not give permission for it to access my vpn..I had to turn my iPad off just to get out of the app.. and it actually took my vpn completely off of my iPad including the app itself and I had to get another vpn app and this app put a lot of ads on here that was not there before..it really messed up my iPad and I deleted it..I installed it again and now it works great, I think that there was a virus that attached to it and tried to take over my iPad..if this happens to you,just delete it and then download the app again app review website.. This app simply works as said. It blocks almost all ads and protects you from online criminals. The best feature is that it blocks ads on all apps.