Some People Excel At Earning Apps And Some Don’t – Which One Are You?

This app actually rewards you (with a laugh) for crossing things off, so I find myself more inclined to add things to my list and make an effort to get them done earning apps . Plus I’m scared of her when she’s angry….(I worry for the safety of a certain reward that lives in the server)


Love CARROT⁵ apps! Very useful and makes everyday things more enjoyable. 🤣🤘I purchased all of the CARROT apps. I use them all and love the snarky comments! They work great together to help this lowly meatbag get stuff done and keep track of what I’m doing. I look forward to waking up, checking the weather, going over my to do list, getting in a workout, and keeping track of my calories, playing the AI game, and caring for my cat. These apps brighten my day!

“I’ve tried several dozen. I’ve got ADHD, and a slew of other mental health issues and this app is just effective and hilarious and has grim humor like me. If you’re someone who sometimes literally can’t function without lots of external motivation, here’s a great app. If you’re set off by angry comments, there’s a cheat for chilling CARROT out so she doesn’t shame you. And it’s still awesome. Very very helpful with my various recoveries.

One thing- it would be even better if there were a way to have more than one list at a time. 

And I love the other CARROT apps. Brilliant!”

“I love the simplicity of this app in terms of the list itself. I often find myself sitting and watching TV, thinking I have nothing I like to accomplish on a day off, only to remember several important things once it’s too late. 

Having an interactive, funny, sometimes mean AI to chide you or “encourage” you is a neat feature. … I suppose I DO want to please it and that helps me get my stuff done. 

I populate the list with literally everything I want to accomplish for the day, from the mundane (take a shower, brush teeth) to errands and important events, so that I continually keep this rabid taskmaster at bay … and the result is that at the end of it all, I feel really good about what I’ve accomplished at the end of the day.  Great app. 

I do wonder about the kind of person who would rather spend more money (cheat codes, etc) to keep the app from yelling at them than actually do their list, but I’m sure they are out there and the app developers are right to profit off of them.”

“Making me laugh when she’s angry, and making me actually feel good about myself when I complete tasks. I really like how this to do list app is different from all others. It’s not that it’s overly simple…it’s that it’s training you to be consistent and reliable…and there’s a lot of thought and psychology put into that to do it right.

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