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Moral of the story, make sure to restart your app before going in to do the job just to make sure your location is accurately processed and also make sure when taking photos of the store front to include the store’s address whenever possible because that’s all that saved my observation from being rejeceted. The jobs are also less frequent than other pay for app reviews so you may have to wait some time in between completing them but that’s pretty much the whole idea of the app – to allow you to pick up some work from time to time on the side.

App reviews

“I recently found out about this app, when someone mentioned it in a forum. I have  successfully completed all  of my assignments, and I have been paid the same day, via PayPal, and not long after submitting my assignment(s). Their instructions are crystal clear, and their app is a very easy to use.

I have successfully completed over 40 jobs since signing up with this app almost 2 years ago. I really enjoy their straightforward directions, and their fast payment(s). I am wishing this app much success, and I am looking forward to doing more assignments for them. And Happy New Year to everyone at Observa!!!

With everything being said, having a two hours window from the time you accept the job, to completion in some cases, depending on the job, and when you arrive, is not always enough time, especially depending on the work that is involved. Please remember that sometimes haste makes waste.  I personally do not like to rush.  At times, I may want to accept the job, but don’t, because of your time factor.  With you having a two hour window, that will also limit the number of jobs that I can accept and complete for you. When you really like an app like yours, I sometimes might like to accept at least two “nearby” jobs, but I would certainly need more time. I hope that in the near future you will consider having at least a four hour window. 

I do not know of many  opportunities like yours, that involves Mystery Shopping, Merchandising, and Audits that has a two hour window, and there’s a reason for that too. I learned something today, when I forgot I only had two hours once accepted, and  the job was the longest one that  I had ever done, for you.  And with all the photos, etc., that were required, and in a  large and very busy store, I ran out of time, because I did not give myself enough time.  I am glad that I was still able to complete the job, and I did enjoy the merchandising assignment.” “I have had this app downloaded for as long as I can remember and never really did anything on it (which I completely regret as I’m writing this!!), but I just started really buy app store rating  last week. Pay may not be a ton, but for the little amount of time you spend I think it’s worth it.

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