How app auditing can bring a huge difference in app’s performance

To every new app developer out there, App Store Optimizing Services is needed to market your tool and get more organic downloads. Although you have a top-notch quality app with a winning concept, all your work might go in vain without proper users or publicity. There are many App Store Optimization Company in India.

So, you need to choose the best App Store Optimization Company to bring your app in the top-ranking category list with more organic downloads and conversion rates.

App store optimization services are a type of marketing tool which uses various strategies and techniques, which ultimately improves your app’s visibility and publicity leading to more organic downloads.

This ASO team includes a top experienced professional who analyses your app’s performance in every aspect and gives you updates and ideas on how to improve its efficiency.

Few Services used by app store optimization agencies in India are:

  • App audit and reputation management
  • Keyword optimization analysis
  • Optimized app store description page
  • A/B testing
  • Paid campaigns
  • Social media marketing
  • Influencer reviews and user sentiment
  • CPI campaigns (cost per installation)
  • Reporting
  • Reviews and rating management.


While using all the services is essential, app store auditing is another crucial method for understanding app performance in the ASO position. It helps to give an analysis in terms of ASO factors if they were proved to be useful or not.

If there are more downloads in a week after an improvisation in the app or an update, then the update is said to be successful.

Understanding its effect on your app and user experience on every update you make is essential in increasing your app’s efficiency.


App store auditing is a one-time service that can be started for apps that are wishing to launch their app or apps who already have ASO and want to understand if its correctly done. The main reason for ASO services for your app is organic downloads.

So, app store auditing helps you understand the factors that affect your current rank position and the elements required to improve its ranking position.

The two primary goals of app auditing are:

  • Competition analysis
  • Keyword optimization

Competition analysis:

In this part of auditing, the team compares your app with your competitor’s app in terms of ASO services. Understanding your competitors, ASO techniques and factors and analyzing what makes them stand top at the category, can help you outrank them in terms of ASO.

In this, the ASO team compares your app to your 10 of your strongest competitors is an approach in both offensive and defensive strategies.

Keyword optimization analysis:

This method is used by the company from the begging of the app’s development and studies your app’s keywords and gives you best-optimized keywords for your company, defining your app’s strongest and weakest keywords.

The approach is done in two methods called aggressive keyword analysis and conservative approach analysis and is done in both the apple app store and google play store. They give you complete analysis for your app and suggest the best ASO services.


In today’s world, working smarter is more important than working harder. You don’t necessarily need to be revolutionary in terms of concept but only smarter in marketing your app. In this approach, an app store audit is an excellent tool for success.

So, why don’t you find the best App Store Optimization Company in India?