The‌ ‌A‌ ‌-‌ ‌Z‌ ‌Guide‌ ‌Of‌ ‌ASO‌ ‌COMPANIES‌ ‌

Map my customers has been great for my company’s representatives in the field. They were previously using two different programs to accomplish everything MMC does. We have been using this app for about 4 months and like many of the features such as auto check-in, routing, checkin notes, and custom fields. Their app is easy to use and works well. You can break down mapped customers into many different groups and sub groups top aso company. The desktop version is a little bit more clunky, but I’m told they are doing a complete overhaul on that soon. I’d recommend this product to traveling representatives.


This is the easiest tool I have ever used to create a map of customer locations.  The ability to perform mass uploads saves time and has you using the map within minutes. Very easy to edit or add new contacts as required. Exceptional customer service & demos are personalized to suit your needs. Map My Customer has saved me hundreds of hours planning trips, routes and making last minute changes. Easily visualize customer groupings by revenue, location or active versus prospects status. I highly recommend this app to anyone who wants to easily create a map of contacts.

“This is the most fantastic app I have ever used! It is a great tool for an outside sales person to be able to get organized, and be as efficient as possible.

The support team is excellent!!! Their response time is pretty immediate, and they are always happy to help and come up with suggestions and improvements to make things even easier.

I used them to scrape data in order to create a start up territory Their fee for this service was very reasonable, and their turn around time was I thin the same day. 

I am extremely happy to have stumbled upon this app, and this excellent team.”

I certainly hope MMC moves in that direction. The app gets one to calls in an extremely well thought out manner; it took me a while to figure out how to use efficiently so be patient. Territories are easy to set up, there are the beginnings of customer classification and there may be ways of integrating more information. What I am looking for is an easy way to integrate sales and AR information. I’m sure others want different features. The company seems to be adding features pretty rapidly so an already extremely useful app should keep getting better.

“Finally, an app just for mapping your customers. 

I struggled to find an app or program to just plot my customers. Most of the apps or programs are full CRM suites that I don’t need. I just need the mapping feature and Map my customers does that for me.

Map my customers works beautifully on iPad and that’s my main device, it’s not a stretched out iPhone app, it’s actually built for iPad. It’s smart, easy to use and looks elegant, but best of all is the support is fantastic!”

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